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star trek the next generationnbsp018332star trek the next generation was similar to the original star trek concept a large diverse crew on a ship called the enterprise travels the galaxy meets aliens and spreads goodwill set 78 years after kirk and spock this time the ship was even bigger and there were more aliens...know more

star trek picardnbsp018332beverly crusher actress gates mcfadden might be teasing a future appearance on star trek picard mcfadden played beverly the enterprises chief medical officer for nearly every season of star trek the next generation...know more

where is dr crushernbsp018332dr beverly crusher is certainly a fan favourite but where is she in star trek picard today we look into where the character could be in the series timeline fan of star trek and like our...know more

the real reason wil wheaton left star trek tngnbsp018332even if that star trek picard appearance never comes to fruition it appears that wheaton has finally made peace with his departure from the tng and more importantly with his co stars when...know more

star trek the 10 biggest tng twists amp reveals rankednbsp018332related star trek 10 most important tng episodes to watch before picard 4 discovering ambassador patel was a romulan spy in quotdatas dayquot a fairly humorous and light hearted episode about data exploring human interactions over a 24 hour period aboard the enterprise one sub plot takes a more sinister turn...know more

star trek picardnbsp018332while its true that during the run of tng picard and data didnt seem particularly close there are three things to consider as to why were seeing it played out this way 1 first and foremost outside of bev crusher picard wasnt portrayed as being particularly...know more

the game star trek the next generationnbsp018332quotthe gamequot is the 106th episode of the american science fiction television series star trek the next generation the sixth episode of the fifth season in this episode riker returns from a vacation on risa with a game that he is eager to share with the crew the game is psychotropically addictive and it quickly turns the enterprise crew...know more

star trek picardnbsp018332cbs confirms star trek picard title screens new footage she never quit her day job whenever she was on tng either she just filmed tng on her off days or after shooting on a movie was done for the day and that was back when she was an oscar winning a...know more