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mitd xiv high in proteannbsp018332warning this thread will contain spoilers smallprint if you are unwilling to hear what mitd might be or segments from the published books specially sod then this is not a thread for you everyone else dont bother spoilering or hiding that stuff in this thread...know more

toddler terrors of time travelnbsp018332looking at one of the unloaded crates luigi comments that the three of them cannot fit inside it but mario disagrees and forces them to squeeze inside one soon a hammer brother picks up the crate that the they are hiding in and complains about how heavy it is while another hammer brother has no problem in carrying four crates at once...know more

we really need to talk about living deadnbsp018332e4s stone crusher and megalith were physical earthen anguish was magical thats 4 magical busters and 4 physical busters 50 even dark mind is great when you can use it and useless when you cannot however that said i do agree most fights have...know more

donald trumps us president odds improvingnbsp018332anyone who disagrees with what you post gets put on quotignorequot or you call them names using your typical several paragraph post you are a loser 07 02 20 0553 am 84247...know more

why is this forum so consistently filled w trolls recentlynbsp018332a long long time ago i played a lot in 98 99 there are actually some fun clues in a werewolf game that was starcraft based on here about 7 8 years ago where a number of the participants were hardcore sc players keep in mind in 1998 i was 12 and had a very...know more

daughter number three 04 01 2020nbsp018332today i learned that a man named john forester was in many ways responsible for what is called quotvehicular cyclingquot he died earlier in april at the age of 90 as dan herriges writes for strong towns forester thought bicyclists should somehow behave just like car drivers and then they would be treated like car drivers by car drivers...know more