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new prog releases may 2020nbsp018332blog about recent and upcoming prog related rock and metal albums with a schedule of their release country usa genres progressive rock format digital release date may 29 2020 tracklist 1 notes on my pillowcase 623 2 storm of 58 507 3...know more

no minister happy birthday americanbsp018332snowy you missed the best bit tom got to sit down with everyones drunk uncle hes an absolute hootenanny in a post july 6 2020 at 1032 pm anne tiffa said...know more

cocktail slut ambidextrousnbsp018332the euphemisms are getting a bit stale suffice to say four people in boston two of whom are much more prolific writers than the other two including the originator of this blog who has no excuse apart from laziness who drink and tell...know more

cocktail slut runaway horsesnbsp018332bone crusher butcher cocktail happy hemingway cabaret cocktail cortez glisan grog sardis special la passione del conte boothonia an apple tree grows in brooklyn runaway horses when the british came to spain lafayette mountain harvest fitz g honeymooner...know more

cocktail slut corteznbsp0183321 1 2 oz lustau amontillado sherry 3 4 oz lemon juice 3 4 oz cinnamon syrup 1 4 oz simple syrup shake with ice and strain into a highball glass with ice and 2 oz champagne chandon sparkling wine two fridays ago i reached for the nomad cocktail book and spotted the cortez that could utilize our opened bottle of sparkling wine...know more

cocktail slut bone crushernbsp018332for a recipe they selected the bone crusher which was a cocktail created as a group effort at drink circa late 2008 gertsens frequent claim of quotgroup effortquot could either be an emphasis on bar team over individual or the fact that the initial concept was lost to...know more

9th edition preview blast weapons making a big splashnbsp018332yeah this is overkill minimum sized units are even more neccesary now while larger sized units can now be a real liability a baneblade if it keeps its current weapon rules would get 18 hits on a unit of 20 ork boyz and 3 hits on a unit of 10 thats pretty brutal...know more

just a cineast pacific linernbsp018332chief engineer quotcrusherquot mckay victor mclaglen quite a ways down from his oscar winning days just a few years before and the ships nurse ann grayson wendy barrie indeed dr craig signed on for the trip because of his relationship with a and...know more

vox popoli the fbi is on itnbsp01833247 any bit of line with a loop and knot is a quotnoosequot akulkis june 25 2020 855 am gtgt do real us blacks get bothered by all these mulattos recently arrived africans and spawn of conquistadores trying to steal their vic cred when i was in college in the...know more

cocktail slut american trilogynbsp0183321 oz applejack lairds bonded 1 oz rye whiskey rittenhouse bonded 1 2 oz maple 21 syrup 2 dash orange bitters angostura orange stir with ice strain into an old fashioned glass with ice and garnish with an orange twist after making the trans am a few days ago i decided to try its inspiration the american trilogy...know more