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physics homework help | yahoo answersnbsp018332the most dangerous particles in polluted air are those with diameters less than 25 mu m because they can penetrate deeply into the lungs a 15 cm tall closed container holds a sample of polluted air containing many spherical particles with a 25 mu m and a mass of 14 x 10 14kg how long does it take for all of the particles to settle to the bottom of the container...know more

particle pollution | american lung associationnbsp018332ultrafine particles not shown are smaller than 01 micron in diameter 1 and are small enough to pass through the lung tissue into the blood stream circulating like the oxygen molecules themselves no matter what the size particles can harm your health...know more

final environmental analysisnbsp018332diameter less than or equal to a nominal 10 micrometers ix advanced clean trucks final draft environmental analysis acronyms and abbreviations pm25 fine particulate matter particles with and aerodynamic...know more

ultrafine particlenbsp018332ultrafine particles ufps are particulate matter of nanoscale size less than 01 μm or 100 nm in diameter regulations do not exist for this size class of ambient air pollution particles which are far smaller than the regulated pm 10 and pm 25 particle classes and are believed to have several more aggressive health implications than those classes of larger particulates...know more

why is china containing covidnbsp018332children under 15 were about three times less likely to get the infection than people between the ages of 15 and 64 ajelli says those over 64 for were even more vulnerable it seems unlikely that this difference is related to the types of contacts children have if anything young kids are more likely to play closely with other friends or touch things without washing their hands...know more