robot crusher jaws from china

bonecrusher g1nbsp018332super robot lifeform transformers manga bonecrusher and the other constructicons started constructing trypticon on a small island paradise destroying the flora and fauna in the process when the autobots found out they sent superion to put a stop to them and the constructicons responded by forming devastator...know more

free 2d and 3d cad models and drawings on thomasnetnbsp018332download free 2d amp 3d cad models and drawings from leading manufacturers compatible with all cad software millions of mechanical and electrical components available...know more

uvd toys for designercon 2019 nov 22nbsp018332uvd toys at designercon 2019 nov 22 24 at booth 2300 features a swell selection of their own produced collectibles featured below for which you are also recommended to stay connected to their insta uvdtoys for updates the third colorway of mike fudge...know more

devastator g1nbsp018332devastator is an immensely powerful warrior and in that sense the combination of the constructicons into a merged being is a huge success mentally on the other hand hes very much less than the sum of his parts devastators primitive psyche is limited to only...know more

nipper plantnbsp018332nintendo adventure books wendy o koopa is revealed to have a pet nipper plant which she keeps in a pot in her room in koopa capers the plant had shredded a note possibly pertaining to her whereaboutsif luigi chooses to begin his search for the missing koopaling by looking through her room he accidentally wakes up the sleeping nipper plant when he tries to look under it...know more

sludge g1nbsp018332when bumblebee saw decepticons at a public airport and optimus primes squad was unavailable wheeljack sent in the dinobots at the airport sludge rescued bumblebee from the incoming blitzwing and helped overpower megatrons forces but when he recklessly changed into robot modes with his comrades sludge was vanquished by the decepticons assault...know more

conversationunknown post type...know more

mighty max toylinenbsp018332mighty max was a series of toys that were manufactured by bluebird toys plc in the uk in 1992 the toys were similar to the earlier polly pocket toyline however these toys were marketed primarily towards young boys in canada and the usa they were distributed by irwin toy limited and mattel inc respectively12 the original toyline...know more

robot wars tv seriesnbsp018332robot wars is a robot combat competition that was broadcast on british television from 1998 to 2004 and from 2016 to 2018 each series involves teams of amateur and professional roboteers operating their own constructed remote controlled robots to fight against each other in an arena formed of steel and bullet proof glass fitted with arena hazards and containing areas occupied by hostile and...know more