jean luc picard and beverly crusher fanfiction

beverly crushernbsp018332beverly crusher is a character in the fictional star trek franchise debuting in the television series star trek the next generation gates mcfadden portrayed the character for all but the second of its seven seasons as well as its spin off feature films star trek generations star trek first contact star trek insurrection and star trek nemesis...know more

star trek picardnbsp018332as the next generations medical chief beverly often played a key role in episodes she also became jean luc picards patrick stewart love interest later on in the series with the finale even showing a possible future where they got married and divorced...know more

star trek the next generationnbsp018332beverly crusher wesleys 35 year old mother she serves as the chief medical officer if it were not for her intelligence personality and beauty and the fact that she has the natural walk of a striptease queen capt picard might not have agreed to her request that wesley observe bridge activities therefore letting her sons intelligence carry events further...know more

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picard greets beverly on pasteurnbsp018332when jean luc picard is reunited with beverly crusher on the pasteur things heat up quickly...know more

spot and punk | fanfictionnbsp018332spot and punk is a fanfiction author that has written 11 stories for house md and startrek the next generation house was sentenced to thirty days of solitary confinement for his actions in twenty vicodins this is the story of his time in solitary and what was...know more

star trek picardnbsp018332star trek picard is een televisieserie in de reeks van star trek geschreven en geproduceerd door alex kurtzman en michael chabon voor cbs plot de serie bevindt zich chronologisch gezien twintig jaar na de film nemesis uit 2002 de vernietiging van de planeet romulus van het romulaanse rijk in 2387 zoals vermeld in de film star trek speelt een grote rol in deze serie...know more