Mine pc4008×75 hammer crusher

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15 | april | 2020 | itzdarkvoidnbsp0183321 post published by itzdarkvoid on april 15 2020 agris is an ancient balenosian god of prosperity and abundance you can inherit the power of the god of prosperity to activate agris fever which increases the amount of junk items dropped when defeating monsters...know more

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9th edition preview blast weapons making a big splashnbsp018332here is how blast weapons work in the new edition of warhammer 40k they are going to work a heck of a lot better this time around hoping to see a lot more basilisks and leman russes on the tabletop seems to suggest that other units will be able to fire whilst...know more

hardened honeycombnbsp018332hardened honeycombs are craftable pre hardmode consumable rogue weapons that are also dropped by the queen beethey automatically throw honeycomb projectiles that grants the honey buff to the player the honeycombs are affected by gravity and shatter...know more

corrupted crusher bladenbsp018332the corrupted crusher blade is a craftable pre hardmode broadswordwhen swung it emits glowing purple particles and inflicts the cursed inferno debuff upon striking enemies critical strikes caused by this weapon reduce the targets defense by 5 its best modifier is legendary...know more

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black desert online | agris fever | itzdarkvoidnbsp018332agris is an ancient balenosian god of prosperity and abundance you can inherit the power of the god of prosperity to activate agris fever which increases the amount of junk items dropped when defeating monsters agris fever is a new mechanic for lvl 60 characters that increases junk item drop amount by a base amount of 100 it is designed for players that play short intervals and...know more

patch 2020nbsp018332automatic modification module defense id 1000105 grants automatic modification orb defense to equipment enchant effects def 150 if refine rate is 9 or higher def 75 if refine rate is 11 or higher def 75 enchant able equipment automatic armor a...know more

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trip hammernbsp018332a trip hammer also known as a tilt hammer or helve hammer is a massive powered hammer traditional uses of trip hammers include pounding decorticating and polishing of grain in agriculture in mining trip hammers were used for crushing metal ores into small pieces although a stamp mill was more usual for this in finery forges they were...know more