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how to calculate pressure in a tank | sciencingnbsp018332if you want to find the net force when you know acceleration and mass you can calculate it as f = ma according to newtons second lawfor gravity the acceleration is the gravitational acceleration constant gthis means you can calculate this pressure as p = mg a for a mass m in kilograms area a in ft 2 or m 2 and g as the gravitational constant of acceleration 981 m s 2 3217405 ft s 2...know more

3 ways to calculate roof pitchnbsp018332how to calculate roof pitch the term quotpitchquot has two different meanings when it comes to roofs most people use it to mean the steepness of the roof some carpenters consider it more correct to use the term quotslopequot for the steepness and...know more

particulate matters why monitor pm10 and pm25nbsp018332many of you will have heard people talk about pm 10 and pm 25 but what exactly is it and why should it be measured what is particulate matter pm particulate air pollution is defined by the us epa as an air suspended mixture of both solid and liquid particles as an air suspended mixture of both solid and liquid particles...know more

carbon taxnbsp018332in 2013 carbon tax rates were doubled in norway to a rate of 096 nok per liter standard cubic meter of mineral oil and natural gas as of 2016 the tax rate has been increased to 102 nok per liter or standard cubic meter of oil and natural gas...know more

3 ways to work out water tank capacitynbsp018332how to work out water tank capacity water tanks are large chambers for storing water they come in a variety of styles including horizontal cylinders vertical cylinders and rectangles the proper method for determining tank capacity...know more

concrete prices 2020nbsp018332cost 113 per cubic yard concrete makes up the majority of the cost of a concrete project prices vary by region to get a more accurate estimate contact your local ready mix supplier national average in 2018 source nrmca ready mixed concrete industry data survey...know more

how to calculate surface runoff | sciencingnbsp018332methods for calculating roof runoff volume when measuring the runoff from storms rely on experimental observations and theoretical predictions surface runoff and its related properties are essential to weather prediction and geological surveys of land a direct runoff...know more

2019 femc conferencenbsp018332the 2019 conference promises to deliver a dynamic array of talks and workshops focused on how we monitor the ways climate change is impacting forest ecosystems and the effectiveness of management actions to adress climate change the agenda lists the...know more

the best places to shop for plants online | hunkernbsp018332from reducing stress to purifying the air house plants are the perfect way to breathe new life into your living space if youre looking to add a little greenery into your home here are the best places to shop for plants online...know more

nearlight starshipsnbsp018332this means you have to scoop a gargantuan 10e18 cubic meters in order to harvest a single gram of hydrogen bussard working with an estimate of one hydrogen atom per cubic centimeter and desiring a 1000 ton spacecraft with an acceleration of 1 g figured that the scoop mouth will need a frontal collecting area of nearly 10000 km 2...know more

math is funnbsp018332math explained in easy language plus puzzles games worksheets and an illustrated dictionary for k 12 kids teachers and parents last updated 19 april 2020 helping people learn for 20 years started 19th april 2000 see recent additions...know more